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Scripture Memory Meditation | Isaiah 29:13-14


It is easy to just go through the motions of the Christian life. Many times we have Pharisaical hearts. We need to remember the wonders that God has done to shock us out of our unthinking worship habits....

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Advent Traditions


During this advent season we remember the “great joy” through the joy of participating in Christmas traditions like putting up Christmas trees and giving gifts....

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Advent: A Season of Waiting

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At its core, advent is a season of waiting. We remember and celebrate the thousands of years that God’s people waited for the promised Messiah to come. Each year during Advent we remember the people of God who waited centuries for the coming of the promised Messiah to rescue them....

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Acts 17:30-31


For those who have repented and trusted in Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, this future judgment is cause for rejoicing!...

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Joshua 1:8


Like the Israelites, we must also meditate on God’s word and keep it, work out our salvation with fear and trembling, and be a witness to this present generation that is hostile to God....

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Proverbs 12:1


It is not often pleasant to experience correction or rebuke from others, but it is what we should invite into our lives....

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Mark 12:30-31


According to Jesus, consuming love for God is the most important command to observe, and similarly, deep care for others is vital....

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Ephesians 6:12


As we seek to stand firm in the faith, we must remember that Christ has already secured the victory....

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Micah 6:8


A heart rooted in love for Christ acts in loving-kindness toward his neighbors, family, friends, and enemies....

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Scripture Memory Meditation | 1 Corinthians 10:13


God will be faithful amid temptation and testing in your life....

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