We are on Summer Schedule—9 AM Bible Classes are suspended. Please join us for our 10 AM Worship Service.


Our adult ministries contribute to the mission of Resurrection Church to glorify our Triune God, to grow as followers of Christ, and to go into our community, serving our neighbors and sharing the good news about King Jesus.

The adult ministries involve three main aims:

  1. We seek to serve and minister to the adults of Resurrection Church.
  2. Although there are many ministry efforts that include combined men's and women's groups, we believe that it is beneficial to have intentionally structured ministries specifically geared toward men and women. For that reason, we offer opportunities for community and growth within seperate men's and women's groups.
  3. We work to involve adults in the ministry of the church. These to objectives are accomplished through three broad aspects of our ministries: discipleship, men's and women’s events, and community service. 


We believe that discipleship is deeply relational. Although there are some programmatic aspects to our discipleship endeavors, we especially want members to forge deep relationships with one another as they grow in Christ. There are three avenues to help facilitate these discipling relationships: Discipleship Groups, Bible Studies, and Book Discussions.

Discipleship Groups (also known as D-Groups) are formed based on Home Group assignments and are gender specific. Each member is assigned to a Home Group that meets monthly. Discipleship Groups are differentiated between men and women and are encouraged to meet at least once a month. The main emphasis of D-Groups is sharing in Christ together. These groups engage in prayer, conversation about life, and may even choose to engage in book or Bible studies together.

There are many personal benefits to regular D-Group meetings, such as mutual encouragement, focused discipleship conversations, and deepening friendships. In addition, as D-Group members grow together, the entire Home Group is strengthened by the increased opportunities for interaction among Home Group members. 

Bible Studies occur each Fall and Spring, meeting every other week on Tuesdays for a set number of weeks. A schedule is posted each season, designating the rotating Tuesday for the Men’s and Women’s meetings. Women meet the Tuesday that the Men are not, and Men meet the Tuesday that the Women are not. We utilize a variety of resources to guide our Bible study, seeking to maintain a balance of Old and New Testament books. Each meeting includes a time for prayer, discussion of the reading, and plenty of opportunity for conversations and relationship-building.

Summer Book Discussion takes place once each summer. Each book is carefully selected to target specific aspects of our growth as disciples in Christ. Although some overlap may occur in the book selection, Men and Women meet separately for these opportunities.


The internal events are intended to facilitate further relational development, ministry to the adults of Resurrection Church, and opportunities for mutual service. Additionally, some events simply provide an opportunity for men to spend time with men and for women to spend time with women. Women’s events include gatherings (which take place once a quarter), Wedding Showers, Baby Showers, and other events. Men’s events include gatherings, activities, and other events. We are always open to suggestions for additional opportunities for women in our church to grow together.

Community Service

Resurrection Church is committed to serving our neighbors and to sharing the good news about King Jesus. For this reason, we provide opportunities to serve in the community and to share the gospel. Frequently, these opportunities will be pursued by individual Discipleship Groups or Home Groups and may involve efforts like volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, collecting food supplies for the local school district, or helping Amnion Pregnancy Center.


Women’s Ministry Director: Kristen Mulnix

Kristen Mulnix serves as the director of women’s ministry at Resurrection Church. Formerly a science teacher, she is now joyfully undertaking the task of homeschooling her children. Kristen enjoys reading, gardening, and is currently pursuing a certificate in biblical counseling from CCEF. Her husband, Andrew, and her two girls have been at Resurrection Church since May 2021.

Men’s Ministry Coordinators: Brian Cameron and Richard Dahl