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Scripture Memory | 2 Corinthians 5:17


"Our union with Christ through faith and baptism shifts our center from ourselves to him and the great sacrifice he made for us."...

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Scripture Memory Meditation | John 14:6


"Direct access to God is only possible by way of Jesus Christ, who is truth himself, and the giver and sustainer of eternal life."...

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Revelation 3:20


"It is impossible to abide in Christ if we leave him standing on the doorstep. We need ears to hear the knocking on the door."...

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Book Review: Stewards of Eden


Stewards of Eden provides a careful assessment of the biblical texts, current practices, and potential paths toward a more conscientious and biblical approach to the earth and its resources....

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Isaiah 40:28


"At the end of our physical limits, God’s strength and understanding are just beginning."...

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Jude 24-25


"No amount of suffering or persecution can separate us from the love and grace of our God."...

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Matthew 11:28-30


"As weary burdened people, we can come to Jesus, soak in his words and rest in him."...

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A Baptist's Musings on Lent


Why, if there is any reason at all, should Baptists take interest in Lent? And if they do, are they stepping onto the slippery slope of legalism that will inevitably end in Roman Catholicism?...

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Scripture Memory Mediation | Numbers 6:24-26


There is nothing magical about the benedictions at the end of our services, but there is something powerful about an appeal to our covenant God to bless and keep us....

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Scripture Memory Meditation | Matthew 28:18-20


Christ’s command is simple to understand, but, as with all Scripture, it takes work to apply it consistently to our lives....

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