Scripture Memory Meditation | Romans 6:4-5


Therefore we were buried with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too may walk in newness of life. For if we have been united with him in the likeness of his death, we will certainly also be in the likeness of his resurrection. Romans 6:4-5 (CSB)


“Based on your profession of faith and obedience to God’s command, I now baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Buried in the likeness of his death, raised to walk in newness of life.” These words were recited over me as my pastor baptized me at the age of 13. What was a reality for me spiritually now became a reality for me physically as I was not only baptized into Christ but also baptized into my local church.

It’s easy to focus on this passage from an individual standpoint, but in the span of two verses (in Romans 6:4-5), the word “we” is used 4 times. 

  • We were buried
  • We walk in newness of life
  • We are united with him in his death
  • We will certainly be resurrected. 

So, what is this reality that has been done to us? We have been united to Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection. 

What happened to us symbolically through water, happened literally and painfully to Christ on Calvary road leading to the cross. But as we raise from the waters, Christ was actually raised to life bodily. This means something for us in the present and in the future. In the present, this means that we are called to a new identity and a new lifestyle. In Christ’s death, we die to our old identity. We are no longer slaves to sin. We are free from any obligation, addiction, and necessity to sin because sin has no reign on us. And in his resurrection, we take on a new identity. We have a new life, a new master, and a new fellowship with God and one another. In the future, this means that when we die, we will not stay dead but be raised to life to be with Christ and his people in the new heaven and the new earth for all eternity. 

Much more could be said about these verses, but remember the “we” today. Who in your life needs to be reminded of this? We need to be encouraged to put sin to death daily. We need people to model for us in the present of what it looks to live in newness of life. We need to feel the warm embrace of Christ as he invites us into a relationship with him and with each other. And we all need to be reminded of the hope of Christ's resurrection, which will one day be our resurrection.

So, may the Lord bless us and keep us

May the Lord make his face to shine upon us and be gracious to us.

May he lift his countenance upon us all and give us peace, amen.

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