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Greet One Another


Let’s encourage one another, and especially our visitors, by initiating a greeting and by listening well. ...

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Gratitude in Luke's Gospel


Luke's Gospel provides insight into a truly Christian approach to gratitude. ...

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Can Women Read Scripture and Lead Prayer on Sunday Mornings?


The elders believe it is not only permissible but also desirable for both men and women to participate in the public prayers and Scripture reading in our corporate worship services....

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Echoes of the Eucharist: Meals in Jesus' Ministry


In Christian homes, there should be a hospitable welcome to share in the death-mitigating bread of the common meal that echoes the welcome from Jesus, the death-defeating Bread of Life. As Christ welcomed us to his Table, we welcome others to ours....

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Weekly Celebration of the Lord's Supper


At Resurrection Church, starting June 27, we will begin weekly participation of the Lord’s Supper in keeping with the New Testament witness that is fortified by the practice of the global Church throughout history....

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A Baptist's Musings on Lent


Why, if there is any reason at all, should Baptists take interest in Lent? And if they do, are they stepping onto the slippery slope of legalism that will inevitably end in Roman Catholicism?...

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Logical Fallacies in an Internet Age


In an internet age, bad thinking can be perpetuated by liking, sharing, or commenting on posts with logical fallacies....

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Motherhood: A Sacred Gift


Motherhood is a gift from God. Mothers bring life into the world, mitigating the curse of death resulting from sin....

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On Not Neglecting to Gather


Are Christians disobeying God by staying home from church?...

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Cancellation Notice | COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 concerns, we will not meet for our regular gatherings this week. We will continue to assess on a week-to-week basis. If you have questions or need assistance, please email

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