We are now gathering at 14380 Burnhaven Dr. All are welcome to our worship service at 10 AM. 

What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect


One of the clearest descriptors of who we desire to be as a church is our vision and values, listed below:


Glorify God in Christ by the power of the Spirit.


All that we do should be grounded in Scripture; the ministry of the Word should be the point of attraction and growth.


Consistent appeals to God in regular and special gatherings of the church, and regular calls to prayer and fasting as part of our life together.


We find our definition and scope by the gospel of Jesus Christ alone.


Purposeful facilitation of opportunities for worship, relationships, and discipleship; our gatherings will have a sense of purpose and dignity.


Zeal for the lost through local-church based evangelism, both in our corporate gatherings and in our private lives.


Church-wide shepherding culture, both gathered and scattered.


Elder-led congregational polity.

Meaningful Membership

Covenantal membership with a distinction between members and non-members, protected by a membership process and church discipline.