Scripture Memory Meditation | Psalm 23:5-6


You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Only goodness and faithful love will pursue me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD as long as I live.

Psalm 23:5-6 (CSB)

Where do you find most joy and security? What brings deep significance and meaning to your life? Many find security and joy in family or friendships. Others find it in material possessions or a fulfilling job. Still others look for it in government leaders or political affiliation. As stand-alone meaning structures, each is insufficient.

David, in Psalm 23:5-6, rightly points believers to the LORD (Yahweh) as the one we must look to for true joy, security, and significance. And David impresses upon the reader this reality by giving several strong visual images of our Yahweh’s working.

First, David pictures Yahweh preparing a feast right in front of his enemies! David’s God gives satisfaction and security to him even in the midst of his dangerous enemies. There’s nothing his enemies can do because of the greatness of his God. They are left utterly powerless to defy David’s security and satisfaction providing God. 

Second, David pictures Yahweh anointing his head with oil. Oil was symbolic of wealth and riches. David claims that it is Yahweh who pours out these riches upon him. As in the first illustration, we are reminded that God alone satisfies. David’s life overflows with the goodness of God. Yet, David doesn’t seek to take credit for these blessings, but points back to the one who has granted these blessings to him.

As a result of these blessings, David is confident and resolved to press forward. He is confident that the same God who has proved himself faithful and capable of providing security and satisfaction will also visit him with faithful love and goodness. He is resolved to worship his God who satisfies and gives security for the rest of His days.

David’s basis for this confidence and resolve was the proven character of Yahweh. believers today have a more sure Word for the same confidence and resolve. For we know not in part, but in whole, that security for the believer is won through Jesus Christ who defeated sin, Satan, and death. The risen Christ, our great shepherd, now feeds us with the Bread of Life and protects us with his rod of iron.  

Because of Christ’s shepherding care we, like David, can be confident that God will faithfully love and pursue us all our days. And, like David, we must look to Yahweh alone for satisfaction and security.

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