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Scripture Memory Meditation | James 1:22


But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
James 1:22 (CSB)

A parent correcting a child is not looking for the child to merely listen, but to listen and obey the words spoken to them. So likewise, God does not intend for Christians to hear his word and continue living as they have been. Instead, he expects Christians to listen and obey his words. That is why, after telling us to root out the sin in our lives and to accept God’s word in humility (v. 21), James commands us to do God’s word and not just hear it.

Living out the word of God is not something another person can do for us. We each have a personal responsibility to God to live out the scriptures. As we strive to do the word of God, here are three practical suggestions that we can implement right away.

First, listen to the Sunday morning sermon and spend the next week living out the scripture text. Our pastors spend hours each week preparing to preach a sermon. Their sermons help us understand the Scriptures and how we can faithfully apply them to our lives. Scattered throughout or near the end of the sermon are points of application or calls to action that give practical ways to practice what has been preached. These application points are not sermon filler; our pastors labor through the text, seeking to suggest ways to apply it to our lives. Listen to these application points, write them down if it helps you remember what they are, and then spend the next week living out the sermon’s scripture text.

Second, each week a member of our church meditates on the week’s scripture memory and writes a meditation to aid our assembly in reflecting on the passage. As you memorize the week’s scripture passage, read the written meditation, and note how the author directs us to apply the text. Seek to live out each week’s scripture memory passage during the week.

Finally, pray that the Holy Spirit would help you to live out the scriptures each day faithfully. Our church offers ample opportunity each week to hear the scriptures, but you should be reading God’s word outside of a church gathering. Pray that the Holy Spirit would give you wisdom and courage to live out the scriptures faithfully.

Exercising has numerous benefits, but to gain from its benefits, each person must individually participate. No one can exercise for someone else. The same is true with living out God’s word. Each of us has a personal responsibility before God to live out his word. No one can do this for us. It is up to us to listen and act on the scriptures we have heard and learned. Do the word. Live the word. As the children of God, we must each be living out the truths of the scriptures. 

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