Scripture Memory Meditation | Psalm 19:14


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, LORD, my rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14 (CSB)

In this psalm, David speaks of the glories of God’s good and gracious commandments. He finds the law of the Lord to be life-giving and refreshing to the soul. The precepts of God are as sweet as honey and more valuable than gold. The rules are given by the Lord to make the heart glad and the inexperienced wise.

David treasures the words of God and sees them as necessary to live a full and complete life. Because of this belief, he desires to abide by these truths all every aspect of his life. He seeks to embody the good commandments of God in all his ways.

Attending God's word results in his final request at the end of the Psalm. David asks that his words and his heart’s desires would be acceptable to God. In other words, David asks that his life would fully please God in everything that he does. His desire is to please the Lord who redeemed him and saved him.

The relevance is clear for us today. If we believe God’s word to be as valuable as David claims it to be then we too will strive to abide in them without a second thought. We will continue to mine the endless amount of wisdom available in God’s word and we will delight in the sweetness and richness of the truths garnered. We will make God’s word our guiding principles in life and death and reap the abundant joy that comes from living according to God’s ways. The true path to a fulfilling life is to see the infinite beauty and glories of God’s word and then to embody them as David strives to do. 

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