Scripture Memory Meditation | Genesis 1:31


“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good indeed. Evening came and then morning: the sixth day.”

Genesis 1:31 (CSB)

Throughout the creation account given in Genesis chapter 1, the phrase “it was good” was used multiple times to describe what God had made. At the end of this account, when God surveyed everything that he made, He described it as “very good indeed.” “It was a wonderful time to be God’s children in God’s wonderful world.”[1] Beauty was everywhere. All over the garden was evidence of God’s creativity, wisdom, power, artistry, and goodness.[2] The world was very good—every flower, insect, star, cloud, fish, person, and tree.

When we look around at the created world, we should respond with a sense of awe and worship the good Creator. Psalm 33:6-9 urges us to fear the Lord and stand in awe of him for what he has spoken into existence. To do anything other than worship the true Creator when we observe the wonders of creation is idolatrous, futile depravity.[3]

At the end of six days of work, God surveyed his creation and declared it very good. We recognize, though, that this original creation was vulnerable to corruption. Adam failed to protect and keep what God had made, and as a result, creation succumbed to sin and death. We live in a world that God made very good, and is still very good, yet tainted and waiting for consummation. In God’s glorious redemptive plan, Jesus succeeded where Adam failed. He gave himself fully for his creation. We look forward to the day when God makes his creation even more wonderful than the original! How incredible it is that “God’s plan for his creation was then, and remains now, to establish his kingdom in a new creation, ruled by his Son and his Son’s bride who will share his glory and enjoy his presence.”[4]

In her book Turning of Days, Hannah Anderson likens the consummation of the created world to spring and our current vulnerable world to Winter. She says,

“One day, together, we shall see Him standing upon the dust; we will, in our flesh, see our God. Today is not that day, however. Today, it is still Winter. Today, the wind and rain blow cold. So what are you to do? What are you to do while you wait? This is what you do in Winter: you plan for spring. This is what you do when the earth lies dark: you plan for dawn. This is what you do when death seems to reign: you plan for resurrection.”[5]

It is right and good to look forward to spring. But while we are waiting, we can enjoy all around us what God has made. Creation is full of good gifts. Gaze at the stars. Observe the ant. Cook with vegetables from your garden. Go for a walk. Listen to the birds. Catch a snowflake on your tongue. Remember that God is worthy to receive glory, and honor, and power because he has made all things. By his will all things were created and continue to exist. (Rev. 4:11)


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